LOE - Spring 2021

March 2021

Naval Postgraduate School Field Laboratory @ Camp Roberts Army National Guard Base, California

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This is the first in a series of on-line forms that are required for participation in the NPS Joint Interagency Field Experimentation.  This form collects initial information about your organization, your technology, and your proposed experiment.  You will be contacted a few days after submission regarding additional information that will be required in order to approve and coordinate your experiment.



You may save your work to complete at a later time by selecting the "Resume Later" button at the bottom of the page.  



No proprietary information should be included in any response. If you would like to attach additional information that includes company proprietary information, you may do so in the attachement section.



After you submit your experiment proposal you will have the option to print your submission for your records. You will also recieve a confirmation of your submission, emailed to the address listed for the experiment proposal's principal investigator.



HelpFor assistance, please email npsfx@nps.edu or visit www.nps.edu/fx

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