JIFX 14-3 White Paper Submission

There are 52 questions in this survey.
Summary of Experiment Proposal

* Idea/Title. What is the title of your experiment?

* Organization Name. What is the name of the organization(s) that will be conducting the experiment?

* Principal Investigator (PI) / Experiment Lead Contact Information
* Participant Names and Responsabilities. Please briefly write out the names of those who will be attendning as part of your experiment and their job titles. Note: this does not take the place of event registration. If your experiment is selected to participate ALL attendees will need to register in order to gain access to the venue.

* Capability Area of Interest
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If you choose 'Other' please also specify your choice in the accompanying text field.
* Capability Description. 100-400 words. Provide a simply, concise, but articulate description of the capability your experiment proposes to explore 

* Experiment Hypothesis and Objectives. 100-400 words. What is the hypothesis your experiment seeks to prove/disprove? What are the objectives of your experiment?

* Experiment Plan. 100-400 words. How do you plan to measure your experiment? What is your data collection plan?

* Measures of Performance/Effectiveness. 100-400 words. What are your measures of performance? What are your measurments of effectiveness?

* New Capability. 100-400 words. In what way(s) does your experiment propose a new or ingenious approach to the area of interest?

* Capability Gap. 100-400 words. Which capability gaps or areas of interest does your experiment seek to address?

Inviting Government Agency Point of Contact (if applicable)
Is your work sponsored by a particular part of the government?

PoC Name

PoC Phone Number

PoC Email

Funding Sponsor

Resource Requests

* Which of the following environments are needed to support your experiment
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* Would you like to request time with end users (uniformed personnel and/or first responders)? If so, how many?
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* Would you like to request the use of a remote power source (i.e. generators, solar panels, etc.)? 
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* Would you like to request time with a high-mobility, multipurpose wheeled vehicle (humvee)?
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* Does your experiment include the use of an aircraft (manned or unmanned, remote controlled or tethered)?
* Does your experiment include the use of lasers?
* Safety Issues: Are there any potential safety hazards in your proposed experiment? Please briefy describe.

* What times are you available to present your work? 
Check any that apply

* Do you plan on operating a wireless access point (including smartphone or "MyFi" access points)?
* Does your experiment require the use of the JIFX local area network? (Please note: this network provides high bandwidth for local data transfer only. It is logically seperate from the internet)
* Does your experiment require access to outside resources via the internet?
Radio Frequencies
Please fill out the following group of questions for EACH frequency you will be emitting 

* Does your experiment utilize technology that emits radio frequencies?
Additional Information

* May we share the substantive portion of this white paper ("summary of experiment proposal") with other participants prior to the event? 
* Do you intend to publish your results?
Please upload at least one image that supports/represents your proposed experiment
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Technical Experimentation Terms & Conditions

After review of the technology experimentation paper submissions, the Government may invite select candidates to demonstrate their capabilities in Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) hosted experiments, to be held quarterly at Camp Roberts, CA. These experiments will provide an opportunity for the submitter to interact with DoD and DHS personnel for the purpose of assessing potential impact of emerging technology solutions on DoD & DHS missions and capabilities. Papers may be reviewed by DoD & DHS personnel, support contractors or NPS facility, staff or students. Select respondents will be invited to participate in JIFX experiments; NPS shall furnish venues, some supporting infrastructure and assessment (operational and technical) personnel at no cost of the respondent.The respondent's travel costs and technology experiments will be at the respondent's expense. NPS conducts quarterly experiments in cooperation with the US Combatant Commands and DHS at Camp Roberts, CA. These experiments are conducted with representatives from Government Research and Development (R&D) organizations, academia, private industry, and non-profit organizations. The experiments provide an opportunity for technology developers to interact with operational personnel and determine how their efforts might support special operations capabilities. The environment facilitates a collaborative working relationship between academia, government, and industry and supports identification, assessment, and dissemination of emerging and mature technology information and the acceleration of delivery of capabilities to DoD and DHS personnel. These experiments are designed to evaluate and improve technologies that provide potential utility to warfighters and first responders.Network Disclaimer The JIFX-TNT network is a non-production network and does NOT have uniform security requirements or accreditation across all systems that use it. Network and traffic monitoring may also occur at any time as part of individual experiments or to collect network performance data. Computer and network security measures should be managed by each participant as is appropriate to the systems and information being used in each experiment. Participants should inform the network engineering team of any specific network security issues or requirements prior to the experiment.Notice All Visitors will be required to wear an NPS provided name badge.Legal Disclaimers or Issues All participation is at the participants own risk. By attending you agree that you will hold harmless the United States Government and the California National Guard for any and all liabilities.ITAR Disclaimers or Issues Each participant is responsible for complying with any and all ITAR/EARS requirements associated with the participant's equipment. Similarly, participants are responsible for the protection of their own intellectual property.

* I agree to the above terms and conditions
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