CRUSER TechCon 2018

The annual CRUSER technical continuum is an opportunity for members of the community of interest to share their ongoing CRUSER related research and education or to propose new activities. NPS faculty, staff and students, as well as external CRUSER members, are encouraged to participate. 



CRUSER TechCon 2018: The 2018 technical continuum will include results from recent field experimentation, and proposals for new work related to concepts of interest from our most recent Warfare Innovation Continuum (WIC) Workshop.


  1. Autonomy in Support of Operations & Logistics: this topic area includes autonomy concepts that provide direct support to warfighters in a battlespace.

  2. Man-Machine Teaming: this topic area includes robotics and autonomy concepts to support warfighters throughout their careers.

  3. Organizational Change & Adoption: rather than purely autonomy related concepts, this topic area includes recommendations for change at the organizational level to better leverage the capabilities that autonomy may offer in the future.


Single track, 50-minute sessions from 1300-1600 on 17 and 18 April will be organized around themes determined by the abstracts submitted. During each 50-minute session, presenters will have 5 minutes to present a "spotlight talk" on their work. Each session will have 3-5 spotlight talks followed by interactive discussion.


All abstracts must be submitted by 22 March 2018.


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